36 BBQ at Secunderabad – Eminently forgettable

Secunderabad is finally getting some new eateries. The group that runs 36 (Jubilee Hills) has acquired what used to be the LSG SkyChefs building near Paradise and set up two new restaurants – 36 BBQ and Baghara. Vinay, Varun and I went over on Sunday to sample their fare.

We opted for the BBQ lunch at 36 and got a table. The decor of the place is kinda confusing. I want to say pre-independence hunting theme but that still wouldn’t cut it. Anyway, it looks nice and theres plenty of space (which the manager pointed out to us in a conversation we had later). But seriously, there IS a ton of space. You could do cartwheels on the way to the dessert counter and ride a bicycle back and not bump into a single person.

They’ve used the classic table top barbecue set up and followed Barbecue Nation’s menu style. Kebabs are brought to the table semi finished and placed on top of the grill, allowing diners to roll their sleeves up and get involved with their food. The first kebab we got was the Coconut Fish Tikka. Now I’m not one of those folks who makes a gigantic fuss about coconut in their food, but this thing just didn’t make sense – a daft dish with no taste whatsoever and vapid looks to boot. Amazing how it didn’t taste anything like coconut or fish! The next kebab was a vague chicken thing that failed to make any impression whatsoever. It wasn’t bad really, but I just can’t remember any f*cking thing about it. I think I shall call it the Babul Supriyo kebab.

Anyway, next up was a Makai sheekh kebab. Seriously, guys – mashed corn and some potato on a stick? It looked like something you would want to feed a young ostrich recovering from jaundice. I gave up. Made it through the cauliflower whatever that showed up next and moved on to a pretty mediocre buffet. Paid and got the hell out. I know I’m probably sounding a little caustic in this review, but its only because I was really looking forward to a good restaurant on my side of town and these fellers went and crashed the chopper.

Hmm. Poor choice of words considering the state I live in. Quick! Sensitively revise sentence and make that a plane. Anyway, I see great potential in 36 and sincerely hope they get their act together soon. For now, they failed to impress. The other restaurant – Baghara is a multi cuisine outlet specializing in Andhra food. Will try it one of these days. The manager offered to give us a quick tour of the place so we took a quick dekko at the decor and got out.

In other news, I watched this fantastic movie called Assassination of a High School President. Hilarious high school movie with a difference. Highly recommended! Mischa Barton is wickedly fantastic and Bruce Willis is priceless as the whacko principal of the school. Every person in the movie delivers to a T. The movie tells the story of Bobby Funke who writes for the school paper and uncovers the biggest scandal the school has ever been faced with. This movie is easily one of the best I’ve seen this year. Trailer below:

I also got myself a cold of colossal proportions this week. Sneezed so many times today, the battle scarred stray cat who hangs out in my balcony actually got pissed and left. Poor bugger. I’ve got some leftover king fish in the fridge. I think I’ll go and leave some out for him.

Over and out.

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  1. Venkat says:

    How much did they charge at 36 BBQ? do they serve liquor

  2. VISHWAPRIYA says:

    Dear All, we have been to the place one sunday afternoon with my family and we enjoyed it. We spent almost for 2 hours and they servered us the required. BBQ experience of ours was not first time but with kids we went and v enjoyed a lot. In the same hall we have separate sitting arrangement for 10-12 members separately.

    1. Good to know. They probably read this review and decided to pull up their socks. Like I said, they have plenty of space and a decent amount of potential.

  3. Sasi Gowthami says:

    Hello friends… i have been there last saturday… i really liked the place a lott….ambience and service is excellent. we went for ala carte.. and we all liked it… i dont agree with his comments.

    1. Hi Sasi,
      I’m glad you had a good time at 36. I guess we have different standards thats all. Also, you don’t have to agree or disagree with my ‘comments’. I don’t particularly care.

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