Baghara – a buggered dining experience

These people tried to kill me on Sunday so I’d like to return the favour. We decided to grab lunch at a place not too far from Secunderabad and settled on Baghara. I was in the mood for some South Indian food – Andhra specifically so we headed over to this place. I remember when I’d gone to their ugly step-sister concern Chattees a few months back, they’d boasted of the rich South Indian fare they had to offer next door.

Anyway, we got a table and ordered two Veg Thaalis and portion of Prawns Iguru. The food turned up in a reasonable amount of time but one look at the thali and I knew this was a disaster. Lousy composition, uninteresting dishes and cold food. I really couldn’t get over the cold vegetable pulao that they gave us. The combination of curries in the thali was weird too. Everything was so f*cking different, it reminded me of  a bloody Bennetton ad. Who the heck serves up cold brinjal pakodi as a side dish anyway?

The prawns were another sad story that made me want to cry a little into my bowl of rasam and wipe my nose on the poori. Let me set the record straight here. Prawns Iguru is spicy as hell! It makes you go through the roof and is a  fiery red colour. It is an earthy dish that really smacks of the Deccan. What we got was an  illegitimate NRI offspring of that dish. So bland, it tasted mildly French.

Baghara was a mistake. I’m sad that Secunderabad still doesn’t have enough good restaurants and sincerely hope the chain does something to pull up their socks.  It isn’t too hard to learn how to cook Andhra/Telangana food when you’re located in Hyderabad.

Over and out.

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  1. mother superior says:

    You forgot the very north Indian gobi mutter that had us muttering…..

  2. Sasidhar says:

    It isn’t too hard to learn how to cook Andhra food when you’re located in Hyderabad.
    That’s because Hyderabad is in Telangana!
    Jai Telangana!!

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