Buffalo ’66

I just finished watching a movie called Buffalo ’66 on Sony PIX. I haven’t seen something quite so intriguing in a long time now! Its an odd movie, okay. The story is kinda strange. It starts off with a guy (Vincent Gallo) getting out of jail after doing his time. The guy is all kinds of weird. His family is even weirder.

He calls home and as things turn out, he needs to produce a wife all of a sudden to show off to the parents. He kidnaps a very cute blond Christina Ricci. (note: very cute) from her tap-dancing class and pretty much bullies her into playing his pretend wife. Ricci’s character decides to go along with the act and actually begins to enjoy herself a little. Anyway, Billy is looking to kill the guy who put him in jail.. He has a little gun and everything with which he plans to blow the bad guy’s brains out..

This is a funny sentence because in this movie, he’s actually the first bad guy and if he were to blow ‘the bad guy’s brains out’ then it would imply that he was going to blow his own brains out, which by the way, he was going to do since it was part of his original plan – blow the bad guy’s brains out and then blow his own brains out. Get it?


Eventually, she comes to like the cranky jailbird and even lends him a shoulder to cry on.. (note: pretty shoulder).. The guy pulls the plug on his crazy revenge fueled mission when he realizes that he actually has someone who gives a shit about him now (and is quite the looker, if I may add). Its a strange movie, okay.. Strange like watermelon flavoured chewing gum.. I buy it, chew it, say stuff like, ‘wtf mate? who the hell makes melon flavoured gum?’ but still kinda like it. The music is excellent. Full points there.. Vincent Gallo is quite something.. He’s done just about everything in the film. Directed, produced, filmed, edited, pasteurized, emulsified.. the list goes on!

I again have to stress on how cute Christina Ricci looked in the movie. It was one of the things that kept me watching.. I wish she still looked like that.. She kinda spooks me out a little bit now. Looks like a mad cat. No, wait. A mad five buck coin. Ahh I dunno.. Mad or not, I’m a fan.. All in all, this was a really good movie to watch.. The story is a little crazy but its one heck of a film.. It kept me interested and showcased a great deal of acting talent. Highly recommended.

Over and out.

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