Dhruv Shanker’s Hyderabadi Haleem Highlights – Pride of Hyderabad

Got today’s dose of Haleem from Pride of Hyderabad at Tirumalgherry. I must say, they beat Sarvi hollow. The haleem here is heavier on flavour than the other places and they focus keenly on the toppings – browned onion, fried cashewnuts, browned garlic, coriander, mint and boiled egg. Supreme stuff!

Well worth the 65 bucks they charge. Won’t say more. Head on over and get yourself a bowl! You should also try the Paya Shorba. With the kind of cold damp weather we’re having, it totally hits the spot.

RATING – 9 on 10

I’m watching the new and improved Knight Rider show on Star World. The show is corny but cool. I like the shitty effects and the shiny car. Deanna Russo reminds me of Shannon Doherty. In today’s episode, the car is set on fire by a missile and the passengers  need to disrobe because of the increasing temperature inside. Dumb stuff but it was enough to make me start following Deanna Russo on Twitter.

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  1. Alvina says:

    Hey Dhruv, my name’s Alvina, I’m Manjari’s friend and collegue.
    She told me you had written a blog bout Pride’s Haleem so here i am coz i totally agree with you on the taste of the haleem at pride and i swear it does taste 5 times better than Pista house. During the first week i checked out a number of places but got hooked at the Pride. I also tasted the haleem at a small counter in one of the galis in kharkhana, and though it isn’t as great as Pride, it still is better than Pista and many of the other places i went to especially considering it costs only 30 bucks 🙂 Try it out sometime….let me know if your taste buds agree with mine 😉

  2. Santhosh says:

    Great, should be trying that soon. That place used to serve Haleem in off season too.

    1. Oh yeah.. good haleem all around the year. But it looks like they do something completely different for Ramzan.

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