Hitec Bawarchi

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now. The famous Bawarchi restaurant from  Nampally has gone and opened an outlet in Hitec City. It is imaginatively called..

Hitec Bawarchi 😛

It caught my eye one evening when I was on my way home from work, so I promptly stopped and got  a Hundi mutton biryani (parcel :P) for dinner. Fyi, a hundi biryani is a biryani that comes with a little more rice and understandably a litle more salan as well. I like the Hundi biryani – its  two great meals in a parcel. I cant finish the whole thing in one go, so I put the leftover rice  in the fridge and spice it up the next day with a couple of eggs and some black pepper. Tastes  very good and very different from the original as well.

Anyway, coming back to the Hitec Bawarchi – I think this is a fantastic move! This is a market that has tremendous untapped potential. Welcome to this side of town, Bawarchi! Lets eat! I had been talking about this in the office and a lot of folks were as excited as me. Finally,  on Wednesday we decided to give the office lunch a miss and drive down to HB instead. Just four  us – Navin, Nikhil, Sushil and me. We reached in five minutes exactly in Navin’s shiny new Santro and got us a table.

We ordered a Tandoori chicken to get started and conversated while we waited.  We discussed the world economy, Salma Hayek, my gutsy old Maruti Esteem, and Nikhil’s fondness for the word ‘pretty’. I’d like to elaborate, but that is another blog post in the making..

The bird reached in about 10 minutes and we ordered the main course. We called for a Ginger Chicken and two rounds of Tandoori rotis. The Chicken was really good! Good old Tandoori chicken – just cooked right. I hate it when chicken gets over cooked. The meat (especially the breast) becomes so dry its like eating a bunch of strings held together by flavourless Wrigley’s chewing gum. We disposed of the chicken pretty fast and the rest of the food arrived.

The Ginger Chicken was excellent! The thing about Ginger chicken is the sheer number of different recipes I’ve seen people use. For example, the Ginger chicken at Paradise, Garden, Cafe Bahaar and Bawarchi all taste great but are completely different from each other in look and flavour. The Chinese version of the dish is another story.

NOTE: Nanking, in Secunderabad makes a great Chinese ginger chicken.

Anyway, Hitec Bawarchi’s GC was awesome. We polished off the stuff in no time. Forgot to mention, we ordered Thums up halfway through the meal. Thums Up goes very well with Hyderabadi food – biryani especially. We then ordered two biryanis – one chicken and one mutton. I have to say, the chicken was better. The mutton wasn’t bad or anything, the chicken was better thats all.

We eventually finished our excellent (and massive) lunch and then had great difficulty getting out of the booth. Navin’s eyes had a glazed vacant look and Sushil was looking even more comatose than usual. Nikhil gazed into the depths of his Thums Up while I weakly tried to pick up a toothpick. All stuffed and sluggish, we sat around for a good ten minutes trying to muster the energy to walk to the car. We managed with some trouble. We piled into the car and drove to the office. Nobody spoke.

We should definitely do this again!

Over and out.

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