I’ve been meaning to write about this place for a while now. Indijoe is one of my favourite restaurants in Hyderabad and I go there very often. They have an excellent menu and the food is simply fantastic. They serve up the best sizzlers in town and a pretty mean Risotto too.

This is quite easily the best restaurant that the BJN group has opened here. They offer Continental, Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Italian food and a decent range of cocktails. I’ve tried almost everything they have on the menu and I have to say that the Risotto con asparagi is par excellence.

They’ve got a funny waiter there who never fails to startle my girlfriend. This guy likes to sneak up near your table, hide behind a pillar/flower arrangement for a bit and then jump out with a drink in hand and bellow the word ‘CHEERS’ into your left ear. It’s quite something!

The Lamb Shank Sizzler is very good too.. Italian red wine sauce and all that jazz. They’ve also got a nice pasta called Surf and Turf with tuna and chicken. Jeez I could go on for a while.. Indijoe is also the only place I know of in Hyderabad who serves Fondue. Fondue, very simply put is a fun thing to eat. It takes a good amount of skill, precision and wrist control to enjoy this Swiss treat.

Eating Fondue is a rather personal experience for me. Every time I lose my piece of bread in the cheese, it reminds me of the time my cousin Abhinay fell into the Gandipet lake. I tried to pull him out too, but didn’t succeed so I did the logical thing and moved on. Much like a fresh piece of bread, I have a new cousin now. His name is Yanibha. 😛

Anyway, back to the restaurant review – Indijoe also has a good selection of desserts. Definitely worth a glance. The only hassle I have with this place is that the staff tends to bend over backwards trying to impress their foreign clientele. Theres nothing wrong with trying to make a good impression on ‘visitors from another land’ but seriously you cant forget about the local ‘junta’ now can you? I’m not too crazy about their Mexican food either.

That apart, Indijoe’s is an excellent restaurant that I hope will maintain the high standard that they have set. The place is slightly pricey but you don’t really mind because its worth it.

I wonder about the name sometimes. Maybe Indijoe is short for Indijoseph or something. 😛

Thats all for now. Cheers!


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