It’s just a hunch, but still..

Okay. This might come across as a little morbid but I’ve been seeing this commercial on TV for the last few months and all I can think of, is how much the old dude in the ad looks like a psychopath towards the end. The ad is supposed to be touching, I guess, but the guy just looks so fucking creepy.. like he wants to kill his wife with a rusty meat cleaver or something. In my endeavour to warn the world, I even looked up the ad on YouTube and got a screenshot. I’ve posted the video below, folks.

Watch the video and then take a look at Grandpa Gruesome’s psycho mug. Trust me, if you kick down his front door on Sunday, you’ll walk in on him wearing a yellow summer dress and making a pyramid out of headless Barbie dolls or something.

Brace yourself..

Remember folks, you heard it first at! Over and out. 😀

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  1. all this while i didnt notice it and now this is all i am going to notice whenever i see this ad. which reminds, did i ever mention any where in print that i do not believe in insurance, except for non living things? i dont even believe in dying for that matter.
    hmm…creepy man, true.

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