Yeah, I know the name’s a mouthful, so I’m just gonna call it KKD.. Me and Navin went to KKD a couple of weeks back. We took off from office at around lunch time and decided to go (tropical) fish shopping.. I picked up a cool bowl to keep on my desk and some other interesting aquarium supplies from a shop in Miyapur..

Since neither of us felt like going back to the office to eat, we decided to eat out. Tossed around a few options in the Hitec City area like Hitec Bawarchi, Tawakkal roti center and MRCB but finally hit upon KKD.. By the way, MRCB has got to be the most pathetic name an eatery can have.. Believe it or not, MRCB stands for Meals, Rotis, Curries and Biryani! Someone needs to tell these fellers that if the word resulting from the initial letters of the series of words doesn’t make sense (let alone be pronounced), it isn’t a bloody acronym!

I haven’t tried their food yet, but if its good, then I’m willing to forgive the name.. Who the f*ck am I to forgive them, you say? Well, I’m the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, didn’t you know? Sheesh!


Just kidding folks.. I think its the heat thats getting to me, thats all.. I hate summers!

Anyway, coming back to my review of Kadhalivacchina Kanaka Durga restaurant.. The decor is pretty average.. This is your typical stop, eat and run place.. executive business lunch types.. No frills.. vunnly fudd.. Andhra food is their speciality and boy do they deliver! We ordered a portion of Fish fry to get started and followed it up with a Kheema biryani that was spicy as hell! This biryani is completely different from the regular Hyderabadi biryani I love so much.. The Kheema biryani at KKD was a wonderful melange of mutton mince, herbs and basmati rice.. I loved it! I especially liked the fact that the mince they’d used was hand made and not machine ground.. It might sound like a small thing, but trust me folks, hand made mince with irregular chunks of meat always makes for a better product.. (specific to Indian food).

Next, we ordered a portion of Natu Kodi Pulusu and some plain rice to go with it.. This was a fiery curry made with Country Chicken.. Very very tasty.. The service was pretty good too.. Usually in places like these, the waiter doesn’t really give a damn about you.. Murthy, on the other hand was polite and took good care of us.. We spent close to 600 bucks at the KKD, but it was all worth it.. They are pretty generous with their portions and theres no question about the quality of food.. If you’re looking for good Andhra food in this part of town, the Kadhalivacchina Kanaka Durga restaurant is the place to go to..

Over and out.

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  1. Yo Ayatollah,

    Surprisingly, I had missed this blog entry until today! I had an absolutely unforgettable meal at KKD with friends as well a couple of months ago and Murthy made sure that we went back well fed!

    By the way, I think the “MRCB” acronym stands for “Model Rythu Chicken Bazaar,” which is a unionized poultry venture. They also sell “exotic” stuff like Emu and Turkey near my home. Just thought you should know!

  2. Nags says:

    oh yes! I rem this place and reading that name every single day as I pass it on the way to work. I’ve never had reason to eat anywhere out in Madhapur but this name always struck me as authentic Andhra and I did want to eat there too.

    I knew they’d be good! Who knows if I’ll ever get to go now..


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