Liu’s Chinese restaurant

Nanking, near Paradise has opened a branch on the other side of their building. The place is called Liu’s.

I guess, its a nice Chinese name and all, but I cant help thinking that it sounds too much like something you’d call a bunch of restrooms.. I mean if you can have Liu’s Kitchen, why can’t you have Liu’s Loos?

Anyway, Liu’s is a nice little restaurant. Looks exactly like Nanking from inside. Classic Chinese decor – red lamps, dragons and feng shui knick knacks all over the place. Nepali waiters too..

We ordered soup – Chicken corn and Chicken noodle.. Both soups were good and turned up on time. BTW, the Chicken Noodle soup is very very filling.. Its probably the chicken..

.. and the noodles 😛

The main course unfortunately took almost an hour to get to us and when it finally did, we weren’t that hungry anymore. The food was excellent though. The crispy pork in pepper sauce was very good. Its a little hard to keep meat reasonably crisp under a sauce, but the guys managed it. Got some standard veg soft noodles and egg fried rice to go with it.

Oh yeah! The appetizer.. almost forgot. The Drums of Heaven were just okay.. I’ve never been a bug fan of this dish. Its uninteresting and its stupid. Drums of Heaven = DOH.. See, the acronym is stupid too.. I think its just the cool name that has people hooked.

We also ordered Chilli fish as part of the main course, which did not disappoint. Paid the bill and got off the tiny red chair.

All in all, Nanking/Liu’s is one of the better Chinese restaurants in Hyderabad. Nanking has been around for donkey’s years and they’ve really built up quite a name for themselves. Getting a table takes a minimum of a half an hour even on weekdays.. While the service is average at best, the food is what sets them apart from the rest. They’re also one of the few decent restaurants in Secunderabad.

And.. they make a mean Pork in pickle sauce. I always order it.. Didn’t get it last Saturday, but definitely will, the next time I’m there.

Over and out!

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