Punjabi by Nature

Last Friday was my grandad’s birthday and we decided to take him out for dinner. I was planning to take my circus to either Angeethi or Serengeti since we’d decided on Indian food.

Angeethi couldn’t guarantee us a table at 9 so I booked a table at Serengeti. We were on our way when I caught sight of Punjabi by Nature.

I’d been planning to go this place for a long time and it had somehow totally slipped my mind. I screeched to a halt, reversed at 70 kmph and almost killed a parking valet. The nimble fellow jumped out of harms way and offered to park the car for me.

Anyway.. I called Ohri’s and cancelled the reservation and we went inside. First off, I loved the look of the place. Its bloody tasteful. 😛

Its got two floors, this place. We decided to sit downstairs, but I pretty sure I’ll sit upstairs next time. it wasn’t particularly Punjabi looking. More Arabic if you ask me. If I ever get around to building my harem, it will look something like this.

They have a rather heavy menu card. Its an actual piece of wood with stuff written on it. Unfortunately, theres a miner (sic) typo. Too bad, eraser fluid doesnt look good on wood. :p

The menu is incredibly short. A bunch of kebabs, two chicken dishes (only one boneless), two mutton dishes [only one boneless here as well] {wtf?} * and a few standard vegetarian things. I really wish they’d put a little more on there.. Aloo gobhi wouldn’t have killed them!

The breads are a different story altogether. I’d heard about them and the waiter did tell us to trim our order a bit. The food arrived and I discovered that the average size of a butter naan is 5 and a half a square feet.

The food was excellent. I had ordered a simple Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) and the Punjabi Meat masala and netiher of them disappointed. Very good portion sizes too. Coming back to the breads, the garlic naan was only slightly smaller than the quilt I sleep under and was one of the best I’d ever had.

We ordered dessert as well. Now theres definitely some scope for improvement here. The Rasmalai was superb but everything else was a little sad. Lets just say, I’ve had much better chocolate fudge and kulfi at some of the smaller restaurants.

Punjabi by Nature is an expensive joint but the food is worth it and the portion sizes are huge. They dont serve liquor yet but I’ve been told that thats on the way.

The service was good and I think this place can really give the others a run for their money if they add a few things to their menu. Its pretty obvious they can cook!

Over and out.

*Please note usage of all three kinds of parantheses.

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  1. gobimanjuria says:

    Hey Onion slicer!
    I was writing a piece on Rayalaseema Ruchulu and bumped into ur blog. Surprised to know there are guys with a sense of humor in Hyderabad. Loved the way u write ur reviews. Loved ur title with a lemon and innocently saying u are working on it. Well nothing much to say otherwise but to say ur blog managed to make me smile a few times and laugh out loud a coupla times. Chalo then. All the best for the decor of ur harem. Buhbye

  2. Anonymous says:

    When are you taking me to Punjabi by Nature?

  3. I had lunch at Punjabi by Nature. The menu is quite short and prices quite high. I did not like the ambience. Portion sizes are good but the quantity served is quite small.

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