Shaking Off Writer’s Rust

I feel bad. I’ve neglected my blog for no fault its own. I’ve treated it poorly and haven’t even clicked on the shortcut vainly pinned in first place on my Boomarks bar .


In fact, I haven’t written for so long, even my damn handwriting is all



As far as I’m concerned, the last few image-based blogposts don’t count. This here, ladies and gents, is a fresh start. This here, is me shaking a mega middle finger at the excuse – “I just don’t have the time these days.”

So yeah.. its been a rough 16 odd months. I love my work, but one cannot deny that it has pretty much taken over my life completely. I haven’t found the time to set up an aquarium at home. I haven’t found the time to work on my airline puke-bag collection and I haven’t found the time to cook anything more interesting than the average chicken curry. I finally managed to take a few days off in September and go on a much needed vacation. Booked my tickets and traipsed across Thailand, Cambodia and Laos over a span of ten days. Super fun was had and I came back with a new tattoo, a slightly scary tan and some unforgettable memories.

This was my second time in Bangkok, so I got a chance to catch up on all that I’d missed earlier. I’ve always been fond of tigers and visiting the Tiger Temple on the outskirts of BKK was something I’d been looking forward to for a long time. Unfortunately on my first trip, I’d left it to a travel agent to make the bookings and ended up going to a terrible place called the Sriracha Tiger Zoo (also on the outskirts of BKK). Won’t go into details on this one except that I had to walk out because of how badly the tigers were being treated.

Anyway, this time around, things were different. I located the actual Tiger Temple and took off immediately for the outskirts.. waterbottle, backpack, RayBans, Ramen noodles, sensible shoes, Parle G, Swiss Army knife, money, USB drive, camera, passport holder, wallet, nailcutter, photo of mum, watch and extra t-shirt in hand.

I had a totally awesome time. Tigers are fantastic animals. Majestic, powerful and just so.. cat-like. The largest tiger at the temple, was well over seven feet in length and weighed close to 300 kilos, but was lolling about in the sun and lazily yapping at flies in the exact same manner that Puddington (my old kitten back home) used to. The only difference being, Pudding was a little smaller than my shoe.  Lulz.. This tiger was just a big pussy cat!  Heh.. I think I’m onto something here! I can sell this gimmick and become a millionai..

Who changed the channel? What the hell is this Big Cat Diary shit? Fuck you, Nat Geo. Fuck you for stealing my idea.

I next went to the water enclosure and paid 2000 Baht to enter a moat and bathe a tiger. This was good fun. I even got to hand-feed the giant playful cat, after bath time. On a totally unrelated note: I bet the vault in a Thai bank is called the Bahtroom. Made a quick stop at the Bridge on the River Kwai and then headed back to BKK. I left for Siem Reap, Cambodia the next morning.

There. Blog salvage attempt no.1 :- Complete.

I love to read travel blogs, but writing them isn’t really my thing. This post was really just aimed at rubbing some Brasso on writer’s rust – if such a thing even exists. Will be back with something more interesting next time. Promise.

P.S. – I got inked!



Over and out! 😀


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