Thai Express, Banjara Hills – Good food, good service, orange elephant

Watched My name is Khan last week. Good movie. Found matter for much photoshop madness so stay tuned for the next couple of posts. The focus of this piece however, is the dinner we had after the movie. Thai Express has been catching my eye for a few months now since I pass it every day on my way to work. I’ve often pressed my face up to the car window and gazed longingly at the eatery till it disappeared from sight. I stopped doing it after a minor accident when a passing motorist lost balance and skidded off the road after being startled by the sight of my distended glass fronted nostrils.

Anyway, I handed my great white rhinoceros over to the valet and we soon got us a table at Thai Express. Table with a view and all. Overlooking the road, but it was cool. The restaurant has a crisp neatness to it and I quite like the ambiance they’ve managed to create. A waiter handed me a menu and I was instantly engrossed. A rich, varied menu card with interesting stuff all over the place. I finally settled on a portion of prawn fritters, some shrimp paste fried rice and some Thai noodles in yellow gravy. They all had wonderfully exotic, complicated names but I can’t remember them now.

The prawn fritters were nice – crisp and well flavoured. Rather basic but very good. The shrimp rice may not have too many takers though. I totally liked it but I can see a lot of people scrunching up their noses at the strong smell. The yellow gravy and noodles was the undisputed winner though. It was a bowl full of noodles topped with a delicately flavoured gravy full of seafood – calamari et al! Very good stuff. I totally pigged out. For dessert, I ordered a portion of sweet sticky rice with mango and coconut cream. Again, simple but very well done. Don’t let the skinny orange elephant on their logo fool you, folks. These fellers will fatten you. Well.

Another cool thing that happened at this place was me running into an old friend who now works here. This guy worked with me when I was an industrial trainee at the Taj a good seven years back. He taught me the ropes and gave me a crash course in mini-bar management and room service techniques. That apart, he was a heck of a guy and a genuinely nice person. In fact, he was the one who convinced me not to throw a cake down the laundry shaft at the hotel to ‘see what would happen’. If you go to the Thai Express, ask for Thapa. He’ll see that you’re taken care of.

The Thai Express is highly recommended, folks. Its a big chain and I’m glad its made its way to Hyderabad. Give it a shot if you’re in the area and you like this kind of food. Meal for 3 – Rs. 1000/-

Edress shedress –

Uptown Banjara
H.No. 8-2-270/B/1/1
Plot No. B/1, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills
Hyderabad โ€“ 500034
Andhra Pradesh
India Tel: +91 40 40213538 +91 40 65489944

Over and out. ๐Ÿ˜€

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