Vodka shots at Xtreme Sports Bar, Karkhana

Yesterday me and Vinay decided to go get lunch and a few drinks.. Vinay had read about the Sunday buffet at Xtreme somewhere so we decided to give it a shot. After much deliberation on which Xtreme Sports bar to go to, I suggested we go to the one at Karkhana and squeeze in as much drinking time as possible. Yes. I’m cheap.

We presently made our way over to XSB (K) –  sounds like a business school don’t it? 😛 The place was empty so we got a table pretty easily. The look of this outlet is a lot better than the one at Banjara Hills.. Same theme and all but this place comes across as more chilled and laid back. Anyway, the offer in the paper stated that for Rs 399/- we’re entitled to a buffet lunch with unlimited beer or flavoured vodka shooters.. We opted for the vodka shooters and kickstarted the afternoon..

I liked the way they served up the shooters. They poured the stuff into Borosil test tubes and left them in a little test tube stand on the table. Totally reminded me of Chemistry lab in school. We knocked back a couple of Kiwi shooters and waited for the starters. The first two starters arrived in the form of Crispy Chilli Potato and Szechwan Chicken. The Szechwan chicken was kinda run of the mill but the Crispy Chilli Potato cut into thin strips was awesome.. We knocked back two Apple shooters and waited.. A sad Chicken tikka with no personality turned up. Just ate one piece and let it go. We knocked back two Banana shooters and Gobi 65 appeared. This was nice but again, nothing spectacular. We then downed two Green chilli shooters and sat tight.

Half an hour later, we’d had two Strawberry shooters and one Green Mango shooter each. Since the restaurant hadn’t really filled up, they let us order from the ala carte menu at the buffet rate. It worked for us. They brought us Butter Chicken, Paneer tikka masala and naans followed by Jeera rice and Dal fry.. Very Taj dhaba-esque but the food was good..

Paid the bill, stood up slowly and staggered out on my own steam. It was like the time Chuck Liddell got up after being KO’d by Rashad Evans and then walked out of the cage on his own power. Serious respect. I was pretty proud of myself considering the sheer amount of vodka we’d downed. All in all, the Xtreme Sports Bar has a good thing going with this offer. They just need to market it better. The food is just about average but you really can’t deny the value for money aspect of this place. I definitely see myself going back for more. So much food and so much booze for so little money?? Nice!

Like I said earlier. I’m cheap.

Over and out. 😀

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  1. Sunny says:

    Respect!! [IMG][/IMG]

  2. Good stuff man… you moved a notch up in my drinking book 😉 Yeah, Xtreme is really the place to go for well priced booze. Been there many many times, ordered a whole lotta food and booze. Surprisingly, even after going bonkers with ordering, the bill does not work out to more than 500 bucks per head.

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