Regimental Bazar – What the FISH?

I went to Rezimental Bazar this week. For the uninitiated, Rezimental Bazar in Secunderabad is where the largest tropical fish market in all of the twin cities exists. You can get some pretty amazing fish here – from tiny little guppies and tetras to giant Flowerhorns and Arrowanas. This place is an aquarium lover’s paradise. I’ve been going here for some time now and have my favourite shops for each kind of aquarium supply.

This week, I was in the market for some new aquarium furniture. I’d completely revamped my fish tank and was looking for some new stuff for my fish to play around with. I also wanted some new fish so I picked up a couple of Auratus cichlids from a place called Jasmine aquarists and bunch of Zebra Danios from Sri Sai aquapets. I also got a few meters of tubing for my aerator.

Rezimental Bazar, originally Regimental Bazar is located just in front of the Secunderabad Railway station and is a bloody thickly populated part of the city. You find all kinds of fish lovers here. You have the hardcore hobbyists who really know their stuff and can spend hours gazing up the anal fin of a Neon Tetra; the little kids who like to come and stare at the pretty fish and try and intimidate the sharks just for the fun of it; the old folks who’ve been advised to keep pet fish to try and keep their blood pressure and heart problems in check; the noveau riche who want to keep fish because its cool, not because of any love for them and finally the Feng Shui freaks.

Its a pretty wide spectrum and come to think of it, the entire area actually resembles a well maintained community fish tank. Heck, it even stinks a little. Only the brown cow that’s usually standing at the end of the road is an extra that you won’t find in an aquarium.

All in all, Rezimental Bazar is THE place to go to if you’re looking for tropical fish or aquarium supplies. A fish bowl is a heck of a gift to give someone. Chuck in a hardy fish like a betta (Siamese fighter fish), a little plant and some food and you’re good to go. I have five grand bettas and I’m proud of them! Will write more about them soon.

Over and out.

PS. I have a newly done up tank too. White sand and all..

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  1. Raghunath says:

    Pics?? Where are the pics?? Pics or STFU! :p

    1. Hehe.. I went to Regimental Bazar dude, not Vegas. 😀
      Stay tuned.. pics on the way.

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