Xtreme Sports Bar to the rescue!

I’m the kind of guy who likes to get his money’s worth.. When I watch a movie, I watch it all the way till the end. I read the credits, wait for the curtain to close and only then leave the hall.. I figure since I’ve paid full price for the ticket, it only makes sense to watch the full movie.. Yesterday was the first time I walked out of a movie half way through.

Chandni Chowk to China, ladies and gentlemen is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.. It is a steaming cinematic pile of dung.. I’ve never seen such a tacklily made film in my life! I was prepared for an inane comedy but this wasn’t even remotely funny..

Don’t get me wrong, folks.. I like slapstick humour – its usually easy to pull off and many movies get by on just that much.. Sadly, this film miserably fails in this department as well.. Director Nikhil Advani needs a swift kick up the backside for inflicting this crap on the world.. Actually going by his obsession with people getting hit in the balls throughout the movie, a swift kick up the frontside would also be justified..

Its the same dumb joke again and again and again! It drives you nuts and truly testes your patience.. 😉

Deepika Padukone is pretty. Lets just leave it at that, okay? Its a bullsh*t plot but I have no issues with that. Its just the way the entire movie is made.. No continuity – nothing! There are long scenes which make no f*cking sense whatsoever.. It leaves you wondering if you fell asleep for a while and missed something..

All in all, a very very poor film.. Pathetic on all counts.. and to imagine, I’ve ranted so much after watching only HALF the bloody thing!

Anyway, we got the hell out and found ourselves with nothing to do.. Just then, good friend Navin Sigamany called to tell us that he was chillin at the Xtreme Sports bar in Banjara Hills! Hoping that alcohol would help ease the pain, we headed over immediately..

The Xtreme Sports bar is located bang opposite City Center in Banjara Hills, in a building called Alcazar Plaza.. Its actually in the exact same place Yoko’s Sizzlers was before it moved.. Its got a nice feel to it, this place.. Very retro actually.. Hyderabad’s first real sports bar..

Nice interiors with sports memorabilia all over the place.. Big screens running sports – very cool.. All they need is a pool table.. The menu is decent.. Nothing out of the ordinary. We ordered a bunch of Mojitos, some Screwdrivers and a Margarita – all the cocktails were good.. The Margarita was a little sweet for my liking but then again thats a personal choice..

The food was average.. I liked the vegetarian fare a lot more than the non veg.. The Chilli babycorn-mushroom was very good.. What I liked about the place was the ambience, the music and most important – the value for money it offered..

Its fun to watch stuff on the giant screen.. UFC 93 is happening today in Ireland and I really wish I could watch the event live; especially the Shogun vs Coleman fight.. Lets see, maybe one day when MMA finally catches on India, I can air events on a giant screen at my very own sports bar. Sigh..

Coming back to the review, its a pretty reasonable joint and I can see myself chilling there more often now.. Its the perfect after office watering hole.. Go to this place if you haven’t already tried it.. I like the Xtreme Sports bar.. it salvaged my evening and helped me forget about an accident called Chandni Chowk to China!

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  1. Teddy says:

    Success didn’t spoil me, I’ve always been insufferable.

  2. Nitesh says:

    Hii, nice review!
    It would greatly help if u just indicate the prices of erinks like…
    If u see this comment please indicate the price!…waitin for ur reply

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