3 movie reviews + what I thought of UFC 100


New york is a good movie. Its pretty much a watered down remake of Khuda ke liye, but with better looking people and a few songs. The movie has been shot very well and the actors have delivered some pretty decent performances. Katrina Kaif looked fantastic and her heavily accented Hindi was just right for the part. Neil Nitin Mukesh is a lot shorter than he appears to be. I think Katrina Kaif was actually a little taller than him. John Abraham was okay, but looked really squint eyed in some scenes. Weird. When he smiles he looks like he’s sucking on a rotten grape and he’s happy about it. Anyway, the real performer in this movie was Irfan Khan – playing the hard boiled FBI agent. Very good..

The story hits a nerve and makes you think a little about the aftermath of 9/11. All in all, one of the better Hindi movies to grace the screen this year. The movie isn’t a tear jerker per se, but the sad ending was enough to make my pretty companion shed a couple. 😉

Transformers 2 is a huge movie. Huge because of the Imax screen, huge because of the length of the movie and huge just because I liked it a lot.I liked Part 1 too and wasn’t disappointed with the sequel one bit. The movie has some downright amazing scenes that take your breath away. Its a visual treat to say the least. Some of my favourite scenes are listed below:

1. Optimus Prime takes down about 10 Decepticons (bad bots) singlehandedly in the forest.
2. Huge construction crane truns into a bot and wrecks city.
3. Megan Fox running in slow motion in the desert.

Megan Fox is seriously hot! A big plus for this movie. I liked the effects too.. Many scenes that can only be described as EPIC!


Knew nothing about this movie when the tickets were being booked. Vinay hyped it up, and I believed the bugger. Anyway, it wasn’t as bad as some of the other crap he’s talked me into watching. Starring Akshaye Khanna, Arshad Warsi and Amrita Rao, ‘Shortcut – The con is on’ is your typical timepass, pointless, ‘leave-brain-at-home-and-come’ kind of flick. The stars acted well in this movie, but the story was a bit overdone.

I’ve always liked Akshaye Khanna’s acting. I’ve often pondered why he never made it. Himalay Putra was such a good movie. Anyway, he’s done a decent job in this film and Arshad Warsi is good too. Amrita Rao looks real nice but damn, she has an annoying voice! Sounds very goat-ish. Expressed same to Vinay and received cold look. I think he loves her. What really killed this movie for me, was a pustule named Chunky Pandey. This guy is a jackass who shouldn’t be seen in public, let alone be allowed to act. He’s quite easily one of the crappiest actors of all time and is annoying to the point of disgust. You won’t catch me watching another movie with this turd in it.

UFC 100

Watched UFC 100.. Brock Lesnar demolished Frank Mir.. I don’t see anyone taking out this freak for a while now.. Lets see if Carwin gets to him.. Insane ground and pound by Lesnar finished Mir in Round 2. Although he won the fight convincingly, Lesnar’s post fight antics really drew the ire of the crowd and to be honest, I was a little disappointed too.. Its all well to play the cocky heel in the WWE, but this is the UFC! This shit is real! Lesnar acted like a complete jackass after the fight and even got in Frank Mir’s (battered and bloody) face.. Totally unnecessary.. Anyway, that aside, people are now going to take this guy seriously.. You have a lighting fast giant with heavy hands, incredible strength and wrestling prowess sitting at the top of the heavyweight ladder.. Who’s gonna unseat him? Carwin? Velasquez? Fedor? Only time will tell.

Also at UFC 100, Georges St. Pierre cemented his spot as the best pound for pound fighter in the world. He completely outworked a very game Thiago Alves. He was able to take Alves down at will and then follow up with decent ground and pound. However, the key to this fight was the total control GSP had over his opponent. He couldn’t finish the guy, but hey, he took him to task for five whole rounds!

Dan Henderson knocked out Michael Bisping in devastating fashion. In a show of poor sportsmanship, he went after his downed opponent and delivered another completely unnecessary blow to his head. Pretty pathetic, coming from a fighter of Hendo’s calibre. I’d like to blame it on the adrenaline and leave it at that, but the camera doesn’t lie. That last shot was calculated, measured and delivered.

Over and out.

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  1. Brighty says:

    The ‘John Abraham smile’ thing is awesome. Haha ..Can’t stop laughing !

    I’m surprised you don’t have go/torture up on this !

  2. nags says:

    New York is probably one movie I have heard such extreme reviews about. Some loved it, some hated it but I am yet to see someone who said ‘it was okay’ or ‘meh’. Transformers, I liked. Harry Potter, in case you haven’t seen it, will be a huge disappointment. They spent millions on the graphics and what-not only to mess up basic editing so badly. It looks like various scenes were stitched in as an after thought.

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