Sweet Nirvana

I’d been wanting to check out this place since the time it opened. Being so close to the office and all, one would think this was easy. Long story short – It just never happened. Finally, a few Saturdays back, an impromtu plan saw us going there for drinks and a quiet dinner.

First off, I liked the ambience of the place. Most of the seating is outdooors – on the lawn. This adds to the whole ‘I’m chilling at someone’s pad’ effect. The menu was a little short to be honest.. They have a few sandwiches, some pastas and a couple of appetizers.. A lot of the focus seems to be on the desserts. I also found it a little odd that they only served beer, wine and Bacardi breezers..

Anyway, we ordered a couple of pints of Tuborg and got started.. Now Tuborg is a beer I’ve very recently been introduced to.. Its not bad at all.. Its somewhere between the Kingfisher Premium and Strong. The gimmicky bottle cap is cool too..

Two Tuborgs down, we decided to order the main course.. We got a vegetarian Penne Alfredo and a Spaghetti Bolognaise for the carnivore that is I.. Both of these turned up reasonably fast, in platters large enough to sail to France in. The portion sizes were generous to say the least and the service was good..

The Spaghetti Bolognaise was nice and meaty and was much better than the Kheema Noodals that you get at most places. They totally aced the Alfredo sauce too. We would have ordered dessert but it got too late and they kicked us out onto the kerb. I’d like to go back one of these days for the ambience alone. Lets see. I still think its a silly name though.

Meal for two (with drinks) – Rs. 1200/-

Over and out.

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