BREAKING NEWS: George Michael involved in scooter accident. Releases new album in memory of vehicle

Aging popstar George Michael was involved in a scooter accident this week, when the singer whammed his motor-scooter into an unapologetic oak tree in North London. We are happy to report that Michael was uninjured. The vehicle, on the other hand was so badly damaged that no amount of Sexual Healing repair, was enough to restore it.

Deeply saddened by the untimely demise of his beloved two wheeler, Michael has decided to dedicate his next album to the now mangled vehicle. On the album, are reworked versions of timeless classics such as Last Christmas, I checked on my brakes.

Michael’s response when asked if he felt if this album would be successful, was  – “Yes. I’ve gotta have faith, faith, faith.”

Over and out! 😀

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