Man! Today was fun! Nikhil, Navin and I went to great lengths to get a bowl of Haleem.. We wisely started out from office on Nikhil’s Bullet before checking if it was raining outside. Less than thirty seconds later, we were back inside.. We called off the plan and went back to work..

Kidding.. We soon found ourselves hailing an auto outside the building.. rain and all.. Got an auto and decided to go eat at Hitec Bawarchi.. We were almost at HB when I spotted Sarvi.. Now this branch of Sarvi is new.. They’ve only been here a few months now and I haven’t had a chance to try them out.. Anyway, since it was a last minute decision to eat at Sarvi rather than Hitec Bawarchi, I kinda took the auto driver by surprise when I suddenly yelled in his left ear (to stop).. He slammed on the brakes, the auto swerved to one side and Nikhil and I fell out.. I exaggerate. Only Nikhil fell out.

One thing to remember is that Sarvi won the Times of India Best Haleem contest last year.. This was one of the reasons I changed our original plan.. They charged us 65 bucks for a generous serving of Haleem and seemed to have a good number of people wolfing it down.. We paid the guy and got us each a portion of the good stuff.. I liked it right away.. Excellent consistency and really good taste..

One thing that really stood out was the lack of whole garam masala.. It totally made for a better experience.. I was more than satisfied. Very good haleem.. Nothing overdone – a perfect melange of meat, spices and wheat.. We polished it off, jumped into a share-auto and got back to the office.. The rain had really picked up so we ended up getting drenched while crossing the road.. All in all, the haleem was totally worth it. I can see why they won last year..


RATING – 8 on 10

Other stuff-

I realized that I like LA Ink better than Miami Ink.. The artists seem a lot more talented.. and Kim Saigh is a looker.. I’m thinking of going to LA just to get tattooed by her..

Over and out 😀

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  1. APLINK says:

    odd comment about LA Ink – but i like it – added your blog to http://facebook.com/TattooPride

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