My new air conditioner

The summer is getting to me. I went to buy an air conditioner yesterday in the sweltering heat. I went to TMC in Begumpet (the place where I bought my mom’s giant LG a coupla years back) but they were out of stock. I was looking for a one tonne LG split ac but they told me that it was out of stock and that I should come back in two weeks. Daft buggers.. Two weeks? Seriously? My body fluids were evaporating as we spoke.

I started my great white relic and drove around Begumpet a bit. Pondered my options and then called Vinay. He told me to head over to the newly opened Bajaj Electronics at Punjagutta. I went to the place and was pleasantly surprised. They had a HUGE range of everything. The prices were really interesting too. They had the ugly little LG that I was looking for, but the prices got me looking around some more..

I finally decided to go for a sleek looking Samsung piece that was about 900 bucks dearer. Made a quick stop for some Mosambi (sweet lime) juice and drove back home, roasting in the car. The a/c on my ancient Esteem has long since conked out, so by the time I got back home, I had melted and formed a small puddle near the brake. Had some trouble getting out.

Like my mother, I have the morbid fear of a split ac crashing down onto my head in the middle of the night, leaving me cool, but motionless for several hours. However, I HATE the heat. Window a/c’s can’t be fitted in my house, so this is a chance I just have to take. 😀 They delivered my a/c at 7 am today and it should hopefully be up by late afternoon.

Over and out.

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