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I bought a Nokia N73 recently. Its a good phone with an excellent camera and great audio output. The only thing I don’t like about it is the difficulty I have clicking self portraits. The ‘click’ button is a little awkwardly placed so the camera gets a little shaken from time to time. Not a major hassle.. I’ve been planning to cut down on my narcissistic ways anyway..

The Nokia 3250 I had before this was an awesome phone. 2 mpix camera but a lot fun. It had served me well and gone out in action. Misty eyed, I took out the SIM card and inserted it into a borrowed Nokia 1100 and was instantly annoyed by the stupid rubber keypad. The damn thing felt like an eraser. I used it for a couple of days and then went to look at options. No.. Seriously. I went to a shop called ‘Options’ in Begumpet.

I was looking around and this thing caught my eye.

The Samsung P 310 Credit Card phone

I got carried away by the tininess of it all and bought it. It was a really slim piece with a 2 Mpix camera and I thought I’d use it for a couple of months till the ‘big daddy’ (pedda nana) N95′ came down to a reasonable price. I took it home and played with it for about an hour and realised that I had made a pretty big mistake. The phone was cute but that was it.

Operating it was a nightmare. Two of the keys were light sensitive and kept getting activated every time a crow flew over my head. The maximum volume that it could produce was laughable and being a Samsung, it refused to play anything other than mp3. Very tiresome indeed. I took it back to the shop and flung it violently at the side of the proprietor’s head and demanded my money back.

Anyway, I returned it and took home a Nokia N73 in exchange for a little more money and a hastily replaced screen protector. You’d be amazed at the adhesive properties of saliva! The phone has a screen to die for.. Fantastic resolution. I wish the keypad was a little bigger but on the whole, I’m happy with the set.

As I said earlier, the photo quality is very good for a camera phone. See sample pic below –


It’s not as delicate as it looks either. My girlfriend likes to drop it from varying heights every now and then, but its still running fine. I shall continue to use my N73 until that fateful crash finally happens. I will then write a little piece about a new phone. The N95 perhaps.

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  1. Neha says:

    Well your girlfriend is planning to buy an N95 for you…so you don’t have to wait for that fateful crash

  2. Brighty says:

    >>You’d be amazed at the adhesive properties of saliva! >>> LOL !
    Yen-ter-taining stuff mate ! 😀

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