The Silver Surfer & the rise of Bombay Blues

After watching Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer this Saturday, I noticed something absolutely shocking! If this movie made it to the Academy Awards, it just might be a family reunion of sorts!


Imagine a Yaadon ki Baaraat type spin-off – starring the Silver Surfer and Oscar!

This movie was fun. Jessica Alba didn’t look as great as the world expected her to, but was okay I guess. The special effects were pretty good and the story interesting enough. It had a few funny bits and was worth the price of the ticket.

Headed to Bombay Blues for dinner. The service at that place has improved vastly since I was last there. The last time we were there, our onion rings turned up after we were done with dessert. They tried to give us the whole ‘order once placed cannot be cancelled’ garbage, but swiftly and wisely changed their minds once my mother threatened to evenly carpet the restaurant with the very same onion rings. Once before, I had to beg and plead and threaten to die of dehydration before I got a glass of H2O.

They make good sizzlers so went back there. We did think twice before going in, but decided that driving through traffic to another restaurant wouldn’t be worth the effort. We went in and ordered Chicken Satellite Sizzlers for all of us. The pepper sauce that they serve with the sizzler is very good. The sauce is Espagnole based with a hint of mushroom and a generous dose of black pepper and is just up my street. They also offer their sizzlers with Garlic sauce, but that isn’t quite as good. Finished off the meal with a sizzling chocolate brownie and ice cream. Nice.

The food as usual did not disappoint, but I was genuinely surprised at the quality of service.

I happened to notice that they had a new restaurant manager – maybe thats why. Anyway, whatever the reason was, it was nice to see that Bombay Blues has pulled their act together.

Came across this fantastic song – caribbean-jamaican-calypso-the-big-bamboo.mp3

Over and out! 😀

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