Paa – the poster

People were gassing about this film weeks before it released. The promos were all over the place and everyone knew that something was in the air. Critics turned their noses up in disgust, but the idea of Amitabh Bacchhan playing the role of a child with a rare medical condition appealed to many. Highlighting medical conditions via cinema has become the odor of the day ever since Aamir Khan brought up the dyslexia issue in Zameen Taare Par.

Wafting back to Paa, the movie wasn’t your typical pot boiler. In fact, the pot wasn’t boiled at all. Baked in a blast of hot air perhaps, but that was about it. It drew much attention overseas. A few notables who liked the film were Russian President Vladmir Pootin’ and famous soft rock duo – Air Supply.

Good friend Sunny Amlani came up with a brilliant concept around Paa and graciously allowed me to use the idea. Please find below, the poster of Paad – a touching tale of men, medicines and methane.

In case you didn’t get the joke, Paad (Hindi) is a synonym for any of these words –

Over and out. 😀

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  1. Brighty says:

    Stinky as hell ! Good one.

  2. Shalini says:

    Ha ha ha. Silent but deadly.

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