Pumpkins, Madhapur – Decent momos at Hitec City

I’ve just got back from a hectic trip to the Himalayas and plan to write about it a little later. I first wanted to put down something about this place called Pumpkins at Madhapur. We had just finished launching Nikhil’s new blog and having missed the last cab, decided to go get something to eat. Nikhil threw a party of sorts that saw the three of us (me, Nikhil and Navin) jumping into Navin’s car and driving out into the warm Madhapur night.

After tossing about options like Hitec Bawarchi and Ginger Court, we started talking about momos. It was then that Pumpkins came to mind. We zipped over to the lane next to the Vodafone showroom in Madhapur and parked the car. We entered the place and I was instantly a fan of the decor. Random is the word, folks. They’ve got a whole bunch of interesting stuff in this place.

Mud floors, cane furniture and an Enfield silencer hanging from a tree in the middle of the place! Crazy. They have a stuffed tiger wearing a cricket helmet and a surgical mask – go figure! An innovative chandelier made from a tractor tyre and a dozen beer bottles hangs from the ceiling. They have two aquariums (a big plus in my book) – one with a bunch of goldfish and a big-ass pleco and one tank with a nice looking Albino Oscar in it. Very nice. The tables are neat too. Tyres again with a piece of wood on top.

Once we’d taken in the view, we decided to order. Got a round of steamed momos and one portion of fried momos which did not disappoint. Sadly, this was followed by noodles and chilli chicken which did disappoint (sorely). Nikhil ordered a double apple flavoured hookah too. Not too great. Paid the innkeeper and hit the road.

All in all, the momos were good but that was it. I do see myself going back to Pumpkins for more. It’s value for money, its a decent place to chill and the momos are pretty good. Just don’t order anything else.

In other news, I’m sad that Mirko Cro Cop decided to retire. All I can say is thanks for the KO’s Cro Cop. There will never be another knockout artist like you. Much respect.

Over and out.

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  1. i am guessing i found their momos crappy coz i am vegetarian and the onse i ordered were onions steamed with salt and pepper and stuffed and steamed again into the papery thin momos – good texture but no taste.
    i think i make better momos. vegetarian one, that is. so much for modesty.

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  3. Pooja says:

    Its Closed & now they are renovating I guess…

    1. Thanks for the update Pooja. 🙂 Catch a quick break to the Himalayas and this is what happens! Your local momo place closes for renovation.

  4. Aalta says:

    Told u the place was nice… I thoroughly enjoyes the momo’s there. I can never have less than 2 plates.

  5. Pema says:

    I love momos at Pumpkins too:) The only sad thing about this place is the service. You will grow old waiting for the waiter to come and serve you!!

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