Dhruv Shanker’s Hyderabadi Haleem Highlights – Metrics published!

The last Haleem of the season did not disappoint. I decided to go to good old Paradise and sample the fare. Mustapha Al Turk (the bouncer) let me in and I got in line. Seventy bucks got me a really big portion of Haleem and a totally awesome one too. Now the quality of stuff at Paradise has slipped a bit in the last few years but last night’s haleem was a real throwback to the good old times.  People make a big fuss about the bones in the haleem but I say screw it. Don’t be such a wuss. The bones are what give it the flavour! Rich stuff that was totally worth the price.

RATING – 8 on 10

Navin, Nikhil and I also sampled everything in Hafeezpet last week. It was a marathon session of gluttony during which we consumed one mutton haleem, one chicken haleem and two beef haleems each. Yes. My friends are greedy pigs. I won’t go into depth about each one mainly because I’ve run out of bloody adjectives to describe the same damn dish again. Each of these haleems was interesting in its own way and I liked the chicken haleem the best of the lot. Incidentally, this is the last time I’m going to do a Haleem Highlight reel.. Never again. Unless of course folks beg for a comeback. That could be interesting. Kinda like Mike Tyson coming out of retirement to take on Kimbo Slice but never mind..  I ramble. Ratings!

All of Hafeezpet – 5 on 10

Now I know I’ve missed out on a few good places but I did what I could, guys! Nikhil told me so much about Shah Ghouse, I began to think he had invested his grandma’s pension in the place or something. No offence Nik – you know how I talk about investments sometimes. 😀 Anyway, it is with pride that I conclude the Hyderabadi Haleem Highlight exercise and publish the metrics as promised in the title of this article.

Badabbub bisshhh


In other news, I was watching TV this weekend and this ad for Frito Lay’s latest snack caught my eye. The thing is called Aliva and they’re supposedly some kind of multi grain crackers. When I first saw the ad, I thought Chitrangadha Singh looked kinda nice but that was lost soon. The goofy name is what stuck in my head. What the hell kinda name is Aliva anyway? Spit flavoured biscuits come to mind dammit!

Speaking of names, there’s a new chain of pharmacies in town. They’ve got some decent looking drug stores here and there but the name.. Sigh. The place is actually called Hetero. Now I know that Hetero is the name of the parent company and all, but think about it – Hetero. How hilarious would it be if someone opened a shop called Homo right across the street? I wonder if the road running in between would then be called a Bi-lane.

Over and out. 😀

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  1. Went through a search for “haleem” on your site and I am surprised that “Shah Ghouse” does not come up anywhere! Been there yet?

  2. lololololol to the last bit. i am not getting over that one anytime soon 😀

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