Srilakshmi Tiffin Center

My cousin landed herself in the hospital last week. She was put up at the Apollo, Jubilee Hills.

As part of the usual hospital duties, I ended up spending a lot of time at the Apollo ER attending to my cousin. In the middle of the whole thing, I felt the need to get some lunch. Little Italy did cross my mind but I wasn’t in the mood to eat Risotto alone. I had already eaten Subway the night before, so I was looking for something new.

I spotted Srilakshmi Tiffins across the road from the hospital and pondered. The last time I had eaten at a tiffin center was when I was in Junior college.. Me and Vinay used to go tiffin centers all the time! Sandarshini, Swathi Tiffins, Liberty Tiffins etc.. Damn, I cant even remember some of the names..

Anyway, I snapped out my ponderous mood when an Innova threatened to run over my left foot and decided to give Srilakshmi Tiffins a shot. I got in line and ordered a plate of tomato rice for twenty bucks. The fat lady at the counter gave me a yellow coupon. I traded my coupon in for a plate of the red rice, skilfully elbowed my way around the place and found a corner to stand and eat.

Seriously, my elbow work would have made Tae Kwon Do master Baek Doo San (of Tekken fame), proud.. The tomato rice was just average. I love the tomato rice at Kamat and its been a while since I last ate it, so I guess I just got tempted. Anyway, I was hungry so I quickly finished the rice and decided to leave.

And then it happened..

The cook turned out a fresh batch of Mysore Bajjis! I love Mysore Bajji’s.. They are deep fried orbs of heaven.. I know, heavy stuff but I’d choose MB’s over Vadas any frickin’ day of the week.. I got me a plateful for twelve bucks and retreated to my aforementioned corner.

I’d just had the tomato rice, but nonetheless I shamelessly stuffed my face – polishing off all four bajjis in five minutes flat.. I guess they really made up for what the tomato rice lacked.. I went outside feeling very full indeed.

Just when I thought I couldn’t eat another thing, I spotted a guy selling Liqued Fruit Slaard.. I know it sounds gross but I’ve been wanting to try it for some time now.. I got myself a glass for ten bucks and was pleasantly surprised.. Liqued Fruit Slaard turns out to be very thin vanilla custard with a whole lot of fruits finely chopped and added to the mix.. I knocked it back and finally decided that I was full..

Headed back to the hospital to attend to the ailing cousin.. She looked comfy so I lay down on the tiny attendant bed and passed out for the next two hours.. It felt like sleeping on a Snickers bar but I was too full to care.. I just needed my nap..

So, dear readers, if you’re ever stuck at the Apollo Hospital in Jubilee Hills and need a quick budget meal, go to Srilakshmi Tiffins.. The Mysore Bajjis are excellent.

Over and out..

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  1. Deeksha Shanker says:

    “Chinees Noodals” is good, but everyday, i see this bundi in sindi colony with “Chopistrick the Chines Food” written on it.

  2. Deeksha Shanker says:

    Fruit Slaard sounds like someone blowing his nose! Heehee..

  3. Brighty says:

    “Liqued Fruit Slaard” ….LMAO … I love to check out those atrocious spellings on the roads ! “Chinees Noodals” is probably the most mis-spelled word in Hyd.

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