Bombay Blues etc..

Watched Dasvidanya last week and loved it. Rajat Kapoor and gang have delivered another excellent product. A touching story played out just the way I like my potato chips – nice and crisp.

I’m undecided about Neha Dhupia, though. Shes got a huge chin, I must say.. Everytime I look at the girl, I’m amazed at how ‘boat shaped’ her head is.. Seriously, her chin is the stern..

So like I said, Dasvidanya is a good movie.. Go and watch it.. Btw, I went to PVR after a long time.. Its so much better than (B)adLabs.. After the movie, we headed to Bombay Blues for dinner. I last went to Bombay Blues over a year back..

A few things have changed since then.. They’ve swapped space with the Noodle Bar and the waiters are all new.. The puzzles on the paper place mats are new and they’ve sharpened the pencils. We ordered a Cheesy Chicken Pasta and a Chicken Satellite Sizzler. The Cheesy Chicken pasta promised to get to the table in 10 min and turned up in time. I found the sauce a little thin.. but it was okay.. The sizzler was a little disappointing though.. I dunno if its economics at play or something, but all the sauces they served up were really really thin.. There was no body to any of the sauces.. Its sad how this place is slowly slipping down the tube.. It used to be bloody difficult to get a table there at one time.. Anyway, its not like its a terrible joint or anything.. its just that I’ve had better food here in the past..

The service was decent. But then again, they only used to crack under pressure.. Since there isnt any pressure nowadays, I guess all is well.. I’d give this place an overall 5.5 on 10.

On another note, my aquarium is up and running now.. Navin very generously lent me his Eheim 2213 aquarium filter to use while he ponders his future with aquatic life.. I’ve put in a bunch of guppies, some neon tetras, a pair of sharks, a pair of sucker fish and some mollies.. 

I’ve noticed that its very easy to catch sucker fish with a net. Most of the other fish shy away when they see the net coming.. but the sucker fish fall for it every time! 😛

Over and out.

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