Myst, Ta ra rum pum and Tekken 5

Went out with Vinay and Abhinav on Sunday. We checked out this new pub in Banjara Hills called Myst. The place was underground and we were the only customers they had. With nice looking LCD screens on the walls and a decent looking bar, the place actually showed a little promise. We went in and found a table – the biggest mistake we made that day.

The seating was lousy. I felt like I was sitting on a window sill somewhere. The place was too dark and the ultraviolet lights made Abhinav’s teeth look a frightening shade of white. Scared the waiter too. Coming to the service, the waiter was pretty darn lost. The poor chap had no idea that they had advertised a lunch platter and dashed off to find out ‘what it was all about.’

It turned out to be a Chinese platter with a choice of rice or noodles, accompanied by a starter and a gravy and a free beer. Some platter, that. But anyway, we were all sat down and didn’t feel like venturing out into the sun again, so we ordered. Some 27 minutes later and a pitcher of beer down, Charlton (the waiter) turned up with the food and I died a little inside.

The stuff was right off Radhe Shyam Chinees bandi at Paradise, with the Szechwan chicken in a steel katori no less. Terrible food and even worse service. The beer was cold so I didn’t kick Charlton up the backside.

We watched ‘Tara rum pum’ at Prasad’s next. I kinda liked the movie. Coupla nice songs and Rani Mukherji, but it did get a little boring in between. Rani Mukherji looked nice and I thought she acted rather well. Jaaved Jaffery was great. The guy shouldn’t have wasted all those years with Boogie Woogie. Like I said earlier, the movie did get a little boring for a while. I took a nap and Vinay promptly took a pic. People and camera phones these days! Anyway, Abhinav can also be seen in the background.

Ta Ra Rum Pum

After the movie, we were all set to take off and shoot some pool, but then we caught sight of the new Tekken 5 console at the arcade. Spent close to an hour playing ‘the King of Iron Fist tournament’. I remember me and Vinay playing Tekken 3 back when we were in St. Mary’s. Those were the days! We knew the game inside out and had our favourite characters. Mine was Marshall Law, a character modelled after the immortal Bruce Lee. Very cool high kicks and a fantastic looking running shoulder block. Anyway, we spent some time in Yaad Galli (Memory Lane) and headed out.

Gotta get me a PS3 or at least a PS2 fast! I wanna play more Tekken 5. So many new characters. There’s even a Nathan Jones look alike character – Craig Marduk. The resemblance is friggin’ uncanny. Its funny how Nathan Jones has had so much mainstream recognition even though he quit the industry ages ago – acting in Troy and the Condemned no less!

Marduk ~ Jones

A little known fact about Jonesey – He fought and lost at Pride 1.

That’s it for this week.. More later.

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  1. Seanie says:

    He fought and lost… against a sumo wrestler

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