The Grill Room

I once bought a pair of Tommy Hilfiger underpants. They cost me 1200 bucks and were totally not worth it. Don’t get me wrong, they were comfy and everything – but just not worth the price I paid. I got the exact same feeling this Saturday when I went to the Grill Room at Banjara Hills.

Not sure how I got sucker punched on this one. We started out, planning to go to Coco’s but somewhere along the way, I changed my mind and dragged my unfortunate friends off to the Grill Room instead. First off, the place was frickin’ noisy. Anyway, we were handed framed and inlaid menu cards the size of the bar counter and we proceeded to order a round of drinks. The Grill buffet or whatever, was highly recommended by the captain so we took the bait.

We had a good time, but all in all the food left something to be desired. The kebabs were mediocre at best. Dessert was good, but then again they ran out of the Mango mousse just when we got to it.

Key take aways of the evening – The place is loud and expensive. Meal for four – Rs. 4800/- Simply not worth it.

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