The Great Kabab Factory – Simply fantastic!

The Great Kabab Factory is located on Road #12, Banjara Hills and we went there for lunch last Sunday. I’m not going to beat around the bush with this one, guys.. This place is bloody fantastic. If you haven’t been there yet, you’re missing something..

I don’t usually get this excited about a restaurant. Believe me, it is worth the hype! We got there at 2 in the afternoon – kinda late for a Sunday lunch by my standards but they promised to serve us till we finished our meal (unlike Terrace Bay who politely asks you to get the f*ck out at 3.45).

Anyway, the restaurant was packed.. Always a good sign. We managed to get a table pretty quick though. So heres how it works.. they serve meals – veg and non veg. The meal consists of an endless supply of kebabs, Indian breads and a bunch of other stuff. We got seated pretty fast and were informed that there was unlimited Tiger beer included with the Sunday lunch. Even better! Tiger isn’t one of my favourites but hey, if its unlimted and included in the price then it works for me!

I downed my first with the onions and variety of chutneys on the table. The first kebab came with my second beer and it was totally worth the wait.

This was a classic Awadhi (read Lucknowi) kebab made of lamb mince and a variety of spices and was straight from heaven. Since this kebab is served up as a patty, it is particularly easy to eat with a roti. I enjoyed it immensely with the Ulte tawe ki Zafraani roti and looked forward to next one.

Theres nothing quite like a well done Chicken Tikka. We had a lot of fun polishing this one off.

Again, an Awadhi style kebab – succulent mutton chops well marinated and finished in a tandoor. Very tasty.

Cant remember the name of this one.. I guess the Tiger beer kicked in at this point. I remember that this was a fairly continental kebab.

Now this wasn’t a kebab exactly, but it was really good to eat with lachcha paratha. It was actually curry cut pieces of chicken in good ole Baghara Baigan gravy. Brown onion and peanut gravy. I’ve never tried making this.. heck, I haven’t even thought of it! Very good dish indeed. Not had it anyplace else.

The classic and also Vinay’s favourite – Kinda hard to go wrong with this one.

When I saw this, I was like damn! Someones found my patented recipe from when I was back in college! Alert the ACP * right now!

*ACP = Association of Catering Professionals 😛

Anyway, this one turned up and turned out to be Crispy corn kernels stuck onto a betel leaf and deep fried. I’m guessing they  used a pretty thick batter.

This again, was great. Nothing I haven’t had before but very well made indeed.

The waiter then turned up with two kinds of dal and a mixed veg curry. They made miniature naans of our choice and served them up. Pure heaven.. We finished a round of naan-roti and then they served up Biryani.. More goodness..

Finally, we got to dessert. They had four of the sinful bloody things and all excellent. Paan flavoured ice cream, Dilli ki kulfi, Sevaiyyan and Gulab Jamun. Weakly polished them off and asked for the check.

Man! This was the best five hundred bucks I’ve spent in a long time. I’m told they charge 600 for dinner. This restaurant is total value for money. Superb food and very good service. I loved the place.

Go to this place, people.

Over and out.

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  1. Nick says:

    An excellent report! It will definitely be a place to dine at on my next visit to Hyderabad. Say hi to Uma who from me. Nick

    1. Thanks for reading, Nick.

      Keep checking back for restaurant reviews and other bits of tid. 😀

      I’ll pass your regards on to the Mother Superior!

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