Addxcn – much ado about nothing

The guys who own Poison have opened a restaurant and decided to call it Addxcn.. Yeah, it reminded me of a pain killer too.. They’ve been sending me an sms every weekend, advertising their Pan Asian Sunday brunch. I liked Poison a lot when we went there a coupla months back, so I was kinda pumped when I heard that they’d opened a restaurant..

Anyway, the plan materialised and we landed up at Shangrila Plaza at 12.30. One of the cool things about the place is the brunch buffet stays open till 4 in the evening.. Since me and Vinay are lazy bums who like to sit around till the restaurant asks us to leave, this was a serious plus point..

Seriously, there was this one time at Zafraan Exotica when we lazed around till 5 in the evening.. The staff had lunch, turned off the air conditioning, opened the blinds and started setting up the restaurant for dinner. Then the valet came and gave the car key back to us and told us where the car was parked so we could pick it up ourselves. Outraged, we stormed out after half an hour.. πŸ˜€

Coming back to the Addxcn review.. The place looks a lot like Terrace Bay, only emptier.. I totally get that this is a new restaurant and everything, but we were the only people there all afternoon.. The brunch includes unlimited beer and wine so we got us a round of Carlsbergs right away.. Carlsberg is an eminently forgettable beer.. I dont think I’m a fan.. The bottle is cool though.. Looks like the goli-soda bottles you get on the streets.. only cooler..

Addxcn has an amazing view.. You get to see the KBR park from seven floors above.. Its bang on the main road, so theres nothing blocking your view.. Definitely a plus.. I think I caught a glimpse of the Great Malabar Pied Hornbill but it might have also been a crow.. We checked out the buffet and were mildly disappointed.. The spread was very very average.. Couldn’t help comparing it to Zafraan Exotica.. (who by the way, has live counters for pasta et al). Anyway, they had the standard salads and soups.. They brought us fresh starters from the kitchen.. I quite enjoyed the Salt and Pepper Veg and Loose Shrimps but the others didn’t seem to think so..

They had some decent looking Thai red curry and a well cooked Bhuna mutton but nothing else was particularly interesting.. They had five desserts, but only the Peach Brulee stood out.. I totally need to give them credit here.. This was a very well put together dessert. All of us thoroughly enjoyed it.. We knocked back a good amount of booze and headed out at around 4.15

All in all, the Sunday brunch at Addxcn is simply not worth the 750 bucks.. Thoroughly overrated and just looking for the Poison name to carry it through.. The restaurant only sold two tables that day  (ours included).. While the service was excellent, the food was average at best..  Pretty sad for a joint in its league.. I doubt I’ll give it another try..

Zafraan Exotica remains my favourite for Sunday brunches..

In other news, I just finished reading Eldest, the second book in the Inheritance trilogy by Christopher Paolini.. This book dragged a little.. I liked the first one a lot better.. Man, that Eragon is such a wimp..

Will start on Brisingr tonight.. Its funny how I get around to reading stuff so late.. My cousin (of Apollo Hospital fame) has highly recommended the Amulet of Samarkand, so that’s what’s next for me after Brisingr..

BTW, I just thought of this..

Q. What is the most popular breakfast dish in all of Uzbekistan?



A. The Omlette of Samarkand. πŸ˜€

Sorry. Had to get it out of my system.

Over and out.

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