What to eat in Singapore

Here’s what to eat if you’re visiting Singapore. I’ve eaten at all these places, and they’ve all been pretty damn great.


Where: Maxwell Food Center

What to eat:

  1. Tian Tian Chicken Rice – this is the place Anthony Bourdain made famous. The queues are ridiculous, but the food is really good.
  2. Hong Kong Roasted mixed meat noodles
  3. Zhen Zhen Porridge w/ century egg and chicken
  4. Char Kway Teow – very Singaporean – flat noodles with cockles, eggs and prawn / pork

Where: East Coast Park Seafood Laguna

What to eat:

  1. Stingray Forever (BBQ Stingray w/ sambal)
  2. BBQ Crayfish with garlic
  3. Carrot cake

Where: Toa Payoh hawker center

What to eat:

Char Siew – probably the best pork in Singapore

Victor’s Kitchen (Sunshine Plaza) eat – salted egg custard bun, pork ribs, prawn and chive dumplings
Dimsum Buffet – Red Star (Outram Park) – dimsums only at lunch
Late Night – Swee Choon Restaurant


Traditional Singaporean breakfast at any hawker center / local cafe (Toast Box / Yun Kaya Toast)
Kaya toast, two soft boiled eggs w/ soy sauce and white pepper


  1. My Grandma’s Kitchen – Mosque Street, Chinatown (Blow your head off spicy Sichuan food – not for the faint hearted)
  2. Momma Kongs – Chilli Crab
  3. Uncle Leong’s at Punggol – order the Shimmering Sand Crab and the Black Pepper Crab
  4. Long Beach at Dempsey – (Black Pepper Crab, Fried bread, Whole Deep Fried Duck, Prawns in Salted Egg)
  5. Hot Pot – Jpot, Hai Di Lao (long wait – get a token and go out for a drink, amazing food. try the Mala (spicy) broth; the handmade noodles are a gimmick but good fun to watch)
  6. Honeymoon Dessert (Vivo City Mall) – unique desserts from Hong Kong. try the mango / durian / banana pancake
  7. Wang De Bak – Korean BBQ – great beef, drink Makgeoli
  8. Over Easy – (Modern western food, brilliant view of MBS)
  9. Masa (high end, Japanese beef and whiskey place)
  10. Hipster coffee: Soon Huat Trading Company – great cold brew



Mixology Bars:

  1. The Spiffy Dapper – bespoke cocktails, chill vibe, 20’s jazz music
  2. Operation Dagger – very cool underground bar, order the Gomashio
  3. The Horse’s Head – great Japanese inspired cocktails
  4. Native – excellent bespoke cocktails
  5. The Library – ultra hipster speakeasy

Others (if you have the time):

  1. Populus Cafe – good drinks, pretty great desserts
  2. Bingki Dessert – fun Korean dessert – shaved milk ice with fruit toppings
  3. The Old Hen – hipster joint selling good coffee
  4. Satay Street near Lau Pa Sat – lots of stalls selling roadside satay

Over and out.

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