Recipe: Thai Sausage Noodles w/ Baby Bok Choy & Carrot

Cooked something pretty spectacular for dinner last night. I'd gotten my hands on some excellent Chiang Mai sausages last week and had been thinking of what to do with them ever since. Northern Thai sausage (Sai Oua) has less fat than most, and is simply packed with flavour. Kaffir lime leaves, lime peel, galangal and Thai chilli ground up with pork make it pretty damn unique. I was figuring out dinner after a long Tuesday in the office and wanted to make a simple one-pot dish that wasn't going to be too much effort.

I thawed out one of the sausages while watching the latest episode of Louie. I cannot say this enough – Louis CK is a f*cking genius. This show is easily the best thing on TV today and is so much more than a comedy. CK does everything, including writing the lyrics for some of the background songs on the show. I've started looking up the music after each episode, just to see where his creative genius has taken him that week.

Anyway, once thawed I cut the sausage into bite sized chunks and tossed them into the pan. Added a teaspoon of sesame oil to help it along. Thai sausages are generally slightly lower on fat, but there's still enough in them to aid the cooking process. I cooked the sausage on full heat for about 4 minutes and then chucked in some chopped baby bok choy.

While this was happening, I boiled up some plain flat noodles on the side. I turned my attention back to the wok and added some carrot shavings. I just used my potato peeler and got lovely carrot curls in 10 seconds flat. Seasoned the whole thing with soy sauce and one splosh of oyster sauce. Mixed the noodles with enough centrifugal force to make Louis Pasteur proud, and served. Hey look, I wrote about two dudes named Louis in the same blogpost. How often does that happen?

Carrot Curls


In goes the baby bok choy

Here are the ingredients in a slightly more readable format:

Thai sausage: 200 gm
Baby bok choy: 2
Plain noodles: 200 gm
Carrot: 1
Sesame Oil: 1/2 tsp
Light Soy Sauce: 1 tbsp
Oyster Sauce: 1 tsp
Coir mattress spring: 0

Pretty damn spectacular!

There's really so much more you can do with sausages other than simply grilling them. Get adventurous, and if you're traveling to Thailand, this is definitely something you should carry back. Give it a shot, and drop me a line if you liked it.

Listen to this original number from Louie S05E05, sung by a talented girl named Giselle Bellas. A slightly odd song to post after such a lovely recipe, but it's easy listening and just so wonderfully.. weird.

Over and out.

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