Shamelessly terrible joke of the week

I came up with this stinker earlier today on my way to work. Be prepared folks. The title says it all. The theme of this joke, is John Denver and this song he sang many many years ago. Watch the video if you’re not familiar with Denver’s work and then proceed to read the joke below.


John Denver was travelling deep in the jungles of West Africa when he was captured by a tribe of hungry cannibals. Denver tried to escape but unfortunately, the cannibals knocked him out with a blow to the back of the head and decided to make a meal out of him. They were about to chop him up and throw him onto the communal crock pot when the tribe brought in another lot of captured humans. One of the captors recognized John Denver and displayed much excitement at the sight of the great celebrity. The cannibals were puzzled by this behaviour but did understand that Denver was a special man. There was much debate within the tribe as to what was to be done with the legendary singer’s body. The chief then intervened and declared that owing to Denver’s celebrity status, the body be pickled and stored for special occasions like festivals, anniversaries and birthdays. Thus began the lengthy process of adding spices, herbs and salt to the well loved singer’s corpse. In the meanwhile, one of the freshly captured men broke free of his holds and escaped into the jungle. The cannibals were too tired to chase him down and decided to let him go. Little did they know that the man who had escaped was a soldier who would return. With more soldiers! One week later, the fugitive returned with a whole battalion of soldiers and succeeded in chasing the cannibal tribe deep into the mountains. While searching the camp for survivors, they chanced upon the now semi-pickled corpse of internationally acclaimed singer – John Denver. It was decided that Denver’s body would be flown back home for a decent burial and a grand funeral. However, in order to make things a little easier on the family, the sergeant in charge ordered that the body be washed clean of all spices and ingredients and only then put on the aircraft. It took six hours to get all the flavours out of the man, but in the end, John Denver was leaving on a jet, plain.

Over and out.

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  1. Brighty says:


  2. joshua says:

    HA HA HA HA! Dude!! trippy stuff man! Hyderabad has some good weed!

  3. Aakanksha says:

    I am PAINED ! That was terrible Dhruva !! 😀

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